PRE-FABulous: Prefab structures are making their slow entry into Kerala


Pre-fab structures Remember those Lego construction toys with which you built your first home as a tiny tot? Their real-world cousins, the pre-fab structures, are here. They hold the key to revolutionizing the construction industry in labor-deficient parts of the world, Kerala included… Read More

The making of the bar


Quality Products Quality is not an accident. nor a claim. It is the result of conscious efforts at every stage of the process, especially in the manufacturing sector. From raw material selection to the adoption of technologies to the installation of equipment to the quality of workmanship, a number of factors play critical roles in […]

The new door


Ready-to-use steel windows and doors If you find the burgeoning price of wood and the unavailability of good carpenters delaying your move to your dream home, you have a new option. Ready-to-use steel windows and doors that can partially solve your problem. And if you really want your home to look different, then go in […]

The Hidden Strength


Durable Structure The glass facade or the painted outer surface does not reflect the strength of a concrete structure. But the reinforcement bar which made the structure possible does. In fact, a durable structure is a reflection of the quality of rebar used in it. Ever wondered what makes rebar good? Read on… Read More

The right grade


Steel Rebars Fe 415, Fe 500…steel rebars come in several grades. They have specific advantages, too. Your engineer will help you pick the right one Concrete, a mixture of cement, sand, and aggregate, is by far the most stable of building compounds. But it is beset with a problem: low tensile strength and ductility. This […]

Buildings with life


Premium Apartments If you have noticed, advertisements of premium apartments these days have a difference: they look very live, with green foliage peeping out of the balconies. Why the sudden love for green?… Read More

Roofs That Last


Roofing Roofing shingles have been in use in the US and Europe for many decades now. Today they are becoming the preferred choice in Kerala too… Read More

Change in the Air


A host of regulatory changes have dramatically altered the scenario in the real estate sector in the state The year 2019 has been one of regulatory upheaval for the real estate sector in the country. This has been particularly true for Kerala. A host of regulatory changes such as the new building codes, the setting […]